Product Specifications

The MX2-n, and its successor, the MX3, streams audio from line level audio sources to smart phones and tablets over Wi-Fi in a venue. “n” refers to the number of audio inputs.  Typically n is between 1 and 32.  The system requires:

  • Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies apps for Android or iOS.  A single level-3 local area network, either 100- or 1000-baseT (i.e., 100 Mb or Gigabit Ethernet). We will connect via CAT6.
  • A quality wireless access point supporting 802.11n or better with WMM prioritization enabled
  • A DHCP server to provide IP addresses.  (Static IP addresses can be set before shipping on special request.)
  • One line level source for each audio input. The rack mounted systems, MX2-4/MX3-4 and above, use 3.5 mm female connectors. Smaller systems use RCA connectors.
  • 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz. The MX2 and MX3 come with a US plug. A 16 input system uses less than about 25 W of power for the MX2 and less than 10 W for the MX3.

The basic software package includes:

  • Low latency audio streaming from n sources.
  • Welcome image.
  • Channel labels and custom channel images.

The premium software package adds:

  • Scanning banners.
  • App name and color theme customization.
  • Hosted Offers.
  • Hosting of documents in pdf format.
  • Welcome image or video.
  • Click through capability to URLs.

To support the premium marketing package, Internet access is required. Internet access is also required for an array of advanced features including remote software updates, error logs, remote channel label editing, audio level adjustment, etc.

The Server takes in n line level inputs, converts them from analog to digital, compresses, and packetizes them and streams them out over Ethernet to the venue’s Wi-Fi access point and from there to iOS and Android phones with the Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies App. Each client phone or tablet uses less than about 150 kbps of local bandwidth. Typical latency is on the order of 100 ms. When connected to the Internet, the system is managed from the Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies Cloud Server via a browser interface.