MX5-1 ExXtractor

An affordable and reliable way to meet ADA assistive listening requirements, the Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies MX5-1 is one of the most popular audio streaming systems available. By connecting to your existing internet service and streaming directly to users through the mobile app, the MX5 reduces startup and equipment costs while offering reliable, easy-to-install assistive listening service.


Audio Everywhere enterprise streaming audio system

The MX5-1 supports

  • Low latency audio streaming from one (stereo) or two (mono) sources. Latency is typically a fraction of a syllable.
  • The system is FCC and CE-Mark certified and RoHS compliant.
  • Power: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz. The system uses 4 W of power or less. The power connector is a standard micro-USB connector.
  • Connects to 100 baseT or 1000 baseT (gigabit) Ethernet via RJ45.
  • Provides for in-app
  • Branding with the venue name and image
    • Scanning banners
    • Hosting pdf documents
    • Welcome image or video
    • Click through capability to URLs
  • Flexible mechanisms for IP address assignment, e.g., DHCP, static, re­served.
  • Flexible assignment of QoS/ToS audio packet prioritization
  • Either stereo or analog.
  • Up to 150 client phones and tablets.
  • Up to two MX5-1 units fit on a 1U 19” rack shelf.

The system requires:

  • Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies apps for Android or iOS. These Apps are available for free from the corresponding App Store.
  • Enterprise-grade wireless access points supporting 802.11n or better with WMM priori­tization enabled.
  • Either one line-level source for each audio input. Uses RCA connectors for ei­ther one stereo (default) or two mono connections.

Cloud-based management allows for simple management of the system, including updates and customization options. Additionally, in-app functions let you create custom welcome messages, videos, banners, and more, all providing another point of contact with your clients and customers.

Theme titleyesyes
Theme colorsyesyes
Theme imageyesyes
Custom channel labelsyesyes
Cloud accountyesno
Pre-roll image or videoyesyes
Documents (pdf)yesno
Scanning banners with click-throughyesno
Offers with click through to pdf or URLyesno
Channel gain controlyesyes
Channel latency controlyesyes
IP address assignment via DHCP or static IPyesyes
Custom ToS/QoS taggingyesyes
Channel imagesyesyes
One-input system stereo or 2xmonoyesyes
Will work without an Internet connectionyesyes

The Cloud interface available with the MX5 model line can be used to control audio volume to boost low sources (in 6 dB increments up to 24 dB) and to add latency in 10 ms incre­ments up to 3 seconds.

“Persistent” means that that function will work when not connected to the Internet.

The MX5 interoperates seamlessly with MX3 units.