We have had several systems purchased by Churches or Houses of Worship. For instance, in one case the system is to be used by a multiple organization event where one of the Pastors will be translating the event into Spanish. They also want to provide a track in the original English for the hard of hearing.

Both inputs are easily accommodated by an Audio Everywhere MX3-1.

They plan to hand out inexpensive ear buds and have a banner instructing folks to download the app. The banner will also contain the QR code (available on this website) for getting the app.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like on the iPhone:screen shot of two language streaming audio over wifi

Note the customization of the title, the image, the colors, and the channels, complete with accent marks.


Several things to note:

  • The microphone output must be amplified to line level
  • The wireless access point (WAP), router, and switch are sometimes combined into one “wireless router.” The quality of the WAP is the principle determinant of the quality of the audio on the phone.
  • What you don’t want to do is have people listen to the same material with both the hall speakers and their phone. To sound right, those two audio streams would have to be within about 10 or 20 ms of each other–a requirement no Wi-Fi audio system can reliably meet today.
  • The Internet connection is not strictly necessary.