One of the challenges in getting the most out of the social and ad part of Audio Everywhere is getting good artwork. The very first place this is needed is in the Theme where one wants a 640 x 280 pixel image to represent the establishment (and optionally a 640 x 500 pixel version to be used on tablets, though we have the option of auto-generating these from the phone image). The first question is, where is the easiest place to grab the image from, especially if you are a reseller who does not have a direct line to the graphic artist for the venue? In my experience, it is actually not their website, rather it is their Facebook page. Facebook has made uploading images so easy that generally there are many more good images on the Facebook page than on the Website.

The second challenge is getting the right aspect ratio. My go-to program is Photoshop where I set the crop tool to the right dimensions and go from there, but that is way too heavy duty for most people. There are lots of other alternatives such as Google’s Picasa (retired) or Photo, but one alternative that looks pretty cool is Canva. It is at the top of my recommended list at the moment. Do you have one you like better? I would love to hear about it.

In any case, don’t try to stretch your artwork to fit. You are better off adding a color coordinated background for the area that needs to be filled. To see a whole bunch of images that are the proper size for Theme, take a look at our customer testimonial page. It will also give you an idea of the span of customers we have.

There are other places you need art in connection with Audio Everywhere, including signage. We have uploaded a bunch of images to Google and you can access them as you would like in conjunction with Audio Everywhere systems.

Here are the links to the images:

We are adding images all the time. Have fun.
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