Listening in Sports Bars with Audio Everywhere

With the Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies system for iPhone and Android, your customers can choose to listen to audio from multiple sources in your bar or pub using their own smartphone or tablet.

Better than free streaming apps because it delivers every game in your bar no matter how obscure, including pay-per-view. If you have it, Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies can deliver the audio, for instance, Regional Sports Networks, Comcast Sports Philly…, Spectrum Channels, Root Sports Pit…., Longhorn TV, FS2, Fox Soccer Plus,…whatever.

It is better because it has great, stable lip sync. Always.

It is better because it has your branding and ads, not someone else’s. You own the customer interaction and manage the customer relationship.

And it is better because your customers can switch instantly from game to game without having to get out of their seat. Super important for fantasy sports fans.

Upgrade to the best, upgrade to Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies now.

Sports bars are busy places with a lot of distracting noise and often with bad acoustics. Where there are multiple competing broadcast sources there are customers who want to hear and understand the audio from one or more TVs or even rotating digital signage messages. Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies makes that possible and it’s easy for customers. 37% of bar owners report having someone leave their bar because they could not hear the sound of their game.

Now with NO monthly fees!

Sports Bar venues

When the app is opened, your welcome message or pre-roll video displays.

1. Download the FREE App (iOS or Android)

2. Login to Venue Wi-Fi*

3. Select Audio Source to Listen

*Available only in venues with Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies Servers

Download the Apple App for Assistive listening
download the Android app for assistive listening

Digital Technology = easy to scale

Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies is scalable and supports from one to dozens of sources. Hundreds of users can access the system simultaneously, and most of them carry their own smartphones, which further increases visitor satisfaction and lowers your costs. You reach a wider audience and create more opportunity for increased engagement.

In-App Marketing and Social Media

Because Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies is built on digital networking technology, quality audio is only part of the value. The system supports multi-language broadcasts and also provides:

Welcome Ad or Video: the first thing participants see when opening the app. You set the number of seconds before your welcome image or video can be skipped.

Sliding promotional banners: upload ads, promotions, or special event banners that can click through to your website, event schedule, activities, or other resources.

Screenshot of phone showing custom branding