Glossary of Terms

1000BaseTGigabit Ethernet
100BaseT100 Mbit Ethernet
APAccess Point, generally wireless
ASCAPAlong with BMI and SEASAC, organizations that collect royalties for artists on publicly disseminated music
CAT5Category 5 Ethernet Cable. Local wiring codes will determine whether you need CAT5e or CAT6.
CAT6Category 6 Ethernet Cable. Replaces CAT5e
dBmdB above 1 mW. I.e., 30 + log10 wattage
DHCP ServerDynamic Host Configuration Protocol server, which is a server that provides an IP address to a client that asks for one.
EthernetA level 3 networking protocol for LANs
Ethernet SwitchTakes in multiple Ethernet cables on a LAN and delivers the packets where they need to go.
GHz1,000,000,000 cycles per second
HDMIA point-to-point digital networking protocol for high fidelity video and sound, generally with intellectual property protection.
IPInternet Protocol
Kbps1 kbps = 1000 bits per second
LANLocal Area Network, a sub-network
MAC AddressA globally unique network address for Ethernet hardware
Mbps1 Mbps = 1000 kbps = 1,000,000 bits per second
PAPublic Address
POEPower Over Ethernet
QoSQuality of Service
QR CodeA Quick Response code recognizable by most smart phone cameras
RCAA type of connected developed by the now defunct Radio Corporation of America
RouterA device that connects an LAN to the Internet and handles address translation
SAPSecond Audio Programming (often, incorrectly, thought of as Spanish Audio Programming)
SSIDThe name of a 802.11 WAP
UHFUltra High Frequency, usually for carrying video over cable
VoIPVoice over IP. We want to use a system in which the QoS of the WAP and Ethernet prioritize VoIP traffic above all else. See WMM.
WAPWireless Access Point
Wi-FiWireless networking protocol conforming to the 802.11 standard
Wireless RouterA combination of a router and a WAP. Usually also includes an Ethernet switch.
WLANWireless Local Area Network
WMMWireless MultiMedia, a Wi-Fi protocol for voice and video from the Wi-Fi Alliance.