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Tracking System Usage

We have the ability to monitor usage per venue by three critical metrics: (1) number of unique people per day who sign on, (2) total number minutes that they listened per day, and (3) the maximum number of people listening at...

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Templates for Scanning Ads

To make it easier to create your own ads, we have added nine new templates/clip art for everything from Lady’s Night to Hours of Operation to Happy Hour. We provide a complete set of correctly sized images for phones and...

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TV-B-Gone: Eloquent Evidence

We have all been places where we have been assaulted by blaring TVs that we did not want to hear and we have been to places where we could not hear TV where we desperately wanted to hear what was on, perhaps a news flash about...

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Audio Everywhere Marketing Support

Get the word out about Audio Everywhere, so your customers know to jump on your Wi-Fi, download the app and tune in! For marketing material, we have… Table tents Earbuds TV labels Posters Coasters Door stickers You can use...

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How to prevent the earbud tangle

Audio Everywhere recommends using earbuds to listen to Audio Everywhere sound sources in public, especially in noisy environments.  Using just one earbud is great if you want to hear the game and socialize at the same time.  But...

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Microphone input systems

We have had several systems purchased by Churches or Houses of Worship. For instance, in one case the system is to be used by a multiple organization event where one of the Pastors will be translating the event into Spanish....

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