We are pleased to announce that Audio Everywhere was granted a new US patent March 7, 2017, 9,590,837.  The priority date is July 24, 2012. Here is Claim 1 of the patent:

A method comprising:

providing an application for downloading to a personal user device;

receiving, by the application, an image through a camera of the personal user device, wherein the image is of a video stream being presented on a display device, the display device is one of a plurality of video display devices within an environment, the video stream is one of a plurality of video streams that are being presented on the plurality of video display devices for simultaneous viewing within the environment;

transmitting, by the application to a server, the image, wherein the server provides a plurality of audio streams that are available for streaming through the personal user device, the plurality of audio streams corresponding to the plurality of video streams, and the server matches the image to the video stream to select an audio stream that is one of the plurality of audio streams and that corresponds to the video stream;

receiving, by the application, the one selected audio stream through a path, that includes a wireless link, from the at least one server and not receiving any remaining ones of the plurality of audio streams; and

providing, by the application, the one selected audio stream through a listening device included in or connected to the personal user device, the listening device being distinct from the plurality of video display devices.

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