“Test drive” the Audio Everywhere app, using the app demo mode, available for both Android and iOS.

With canned audio, video, and images, you can tap on channels, banner ads, offers, and pdfs, to see and hear just like in a live venue.

Fire up the app, open the ABOUT page, wait for the brief venue scan,  and “ok” past the error message window (if you are not in an Audio Everywhere-enabled venue). Select “About” from the menu, and turn on “Enable Demo Mode”.  Select ” Venue Scan” again, then select “Restart Scanning”.

The demo starts with the Audio Everywhere video, as an example of a video pre-roll (or Welcome Screen) that you can easily upload. Select “Skip Ad” to experience how the app works, complete with sliding banners (any of which can link to a web site or more information, as in the Microbrews ad). Be sure to tap on any of the TV channels under “Audio”.

Now you can show people how the Audio Everywhere app works, wherever you are!

Download the free app and help spread the word.