The MX3-1 ExXtractor from Audio Everywhere was recently tested by a front-of-house engineer for use in his auditorium. The challenge he was trying to solve was how to hear isolated console channels while on the move. Modern sound boards give the ability to remotely control settings on the board with a Wi-Fi connected iPad, and, of course, one can listen to the overall effect by just listening, but this engineer wanted to solo individual digital console channels and busses to isolate issues while on the move. Previously, this could only be done by physically plugging into the console, which defeated many of the advantages of the iPad control. By plugging the MX3-1 into the console and using Audio Everywhere instead, the engineer was able to insolate instruments and vocals on stage, hundreds of feet away, directly with his in-ear-monitor connected to his iPhone. The low latency of the Audio Everywhere system was critical because it meant that what was being soloed in his ears was very closely aligned with room/house mains. By using Audio Everywhere, the Front-of-House Sound Engineer could both control and monitor individual channels while walking around the stage area.

Los Angeles, California, USA --- Pews and altar in empty ornate church --- Image by © Ocean/Corbis