We are increasingly selling our streaming audio systems into the House of Worship market. This market has special challenges. Here is a very helpful email we received from Steve Shaw who is using our system in his Church. He writes,


You’ve been so supportive of me in this experience and I thought I would pass on to you some of what I found works rather well for churches and that I’d be happy to pass on to other pastors. So here is some of what we faced and the solutions I came up with:
Since we’re dealing with people that have lost some of their hearing, we’re usually dealing with the elderly, and the elderly are typically not using smartphones, and are probably a little terrified of them. I’ve tried to assist many elderly so far and it’s been frustrating for them trying to find where the settings are to switch the wifi and finding the right icon, and getting headphones that are comfortable, etc. So I searched for apps that may assist the elderly in this and I’d like to pass that on to you. I’m dealing with Android phones mostly because I can get a used one cheaper than an iPhone. I’ve also received your wisdom to get an Android running at least Marshmallow to stop lip sync lag effect. Here is a screenshot of how I’ve set the elderly up with that has made it as simple as I can.
screenshot of phone for elderly


As you can see, it’s very simple. This is my phone where there are still five apps on the bottom. On the phones for the elderly I’ve reduced that to one app.
So there are simply two apps on the phone. The one that says ‘Netgear37’ is a widget I found called WiFi Network Switch Widget that lets you create an icon that switches to a specific wifi network when you simply tap the icon so they don’t have to deal with going into Settings, WiFi, etc. I found another widget that turns any icon into a large icon that can be adjusted in size. The name of the widget is Giganticon. I just tell them to hit the first icon and wait about 30 seconds for the connection and then hit the second icon. I’ve also found some cheaper over the ear headphones that work great and are fairly comfortable. I’m working on a simple brochure to be placed in the lobby of the church that will explain your system and how we can assist the hearing impaired to get set up. The information I’ve just given to you should be done by someone in the church and not the elderly themselves. You can reset a used phone and load these apps and widgets fairly quickly and have a nice phone to loan, give, or sell. Hope this helps and please pass it on to churches.
Thanks again,

I would add that I don’t know of a widget that will directly change the wifi on an iPhone or iPod Touch, but if you are using the device only for that purpose, you could set it up once and it should just join the only one it knows about. You would still need to give the “wait 30 second” advice, I think. And to make things simple for the elderly, Apple has a “guided access mode” that will keep people from hitting the wrong buttons. So that is an alternative.