Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies is perfect for assistive listening, interpretation, overflow seating, and cry rooms. Simply add one or more servers to your existing audio setup and Wi-Fi and start streaming your message directly to guests’ smartphones via a FREE customizable app. Offer Audio Everywhere on its own or compliment your existing assistive listening system to create a truly inclusive experience.

Cost Effective

Complete solutions starting under $800

Plug & Play

Ready to stream in minutes using existing infrastructure

No Latency

No lip sync issues

Where Will You Use Audio Everywhere?

Assistive Listening


Overflow Seating


TV Audio


Language Interpretation


Assistive Listening App images

Download the Audio Everywhere App and Try the Demo

1. Fire up the FREE App

2. Select “About” from the menu

3. Turn on “Enable Demo Mode”

4. Select ” Venue Scan”

Download on Apple App Store
Google Play download

In-App Branding, Downloads, and Links

Fully customize the experience by adding your branding and imagery, as well as valuable links to weekly program, events, hymnal or social media accounts. You can even give each channel a custom label, so your members can easily find the streaming audio they are looking for.

Welcome Ad or Video: the first thing participants see when opening the app. You set the number of seconds before your welcome image or video can be skipped.

Sliding promotional banners: upload ads, promotions, or special event banners that can click through to your website, event schedule, activities, or other resources.

Screen shots showing Audio Everywhere customization

Assistive Listening for Smartphones - Infographic