Audio Everywhere released their next generation patented solution for streaming audio from TVs and other audio sources to smart phones and tablets over Wi-Fi.

The heart of the Audio Everywhere system, the ExXtractor, connects each participating venue’s audio sources, such as a DirecTV receivers, to the internal local area network (LAN). Each audio signal is then streamed over the venue’s Wi-Fi. By downloading the free Audio Everywhere app, users access the venue’s Wi-Fi to hear the audio from one or more TVs on their smart phone or tablet.

The Audio Everywhere ExXtractor features a 15 cm deep rack-mountable 1U form factor and the versatility of up to 16 inputs. Combining systems with an Ethernet switch enables more inputs.

New system features include lower latency and soft limiting on over-driven inputs. A key enhancement now enables the system to receive differential signaling, which provides increased immunity to electromagnetic noise on long wire runs. Fine control of data packet prioritization is now inherent, along with better troubleshooting tools.

Audio Everywhere customers can power their marketing through our Cloud portal to create in-app pre-roll videos, clickable scanning banners, channel artwork and other features.

Audio Everywhere. Combining high performance and innovative features for enhanced, integrated audio systems.


About Audio Everywhere

Audio Everywhere is the leading provider of high-quality streaming audio solutions for fitness centers, bars and restaurants, casinos, and a range of other environments and applications. Founded by Lance Glasser as ExXothermic, Inc., in early 2012 as a Silicon Valley start-up, Audio Everywhere features free downloadable apps for iOS and Android users and leverages global Wi-Fi standards. For more information about Audio Everywhere please visit:



MX3 ExXtractor

MX3 ExXtractor