The MX5-1 is the same powerful machine as the larger MX3’s and is fully compatible. It has two RCA input connectors and can act as one stereo system or two mono systems. It also has a TOSLINK connector for digital optical input. The settings are done in the Cloud.


The MX5-1-plus is the same software as the MX5-1 but with a faster processor inside that raises the number of client phones served simultaneously from 150 to 500.

Rack Ears for half-rack MX5-1’s

Put your MX5-1 or MX5-1-plus in a standard half-rack with our half-rack ears kit. ALERT! There appear to be more than one “half-rack” standard out there. The hole center to center spacing on this solution is 9.3 inches. Does not fit Middle Atlantic or Gator half cases. If you have need for 9.75 inch hole center spacing rack ears, please let us know. They are not presently in stock.

POE adaptor for MX5-1
POE adaptor for MX5-1

POE adaptor for MX5-1 and MX5-1-plus

Add POE power over gigabit Ethernet to your MX5-1 or MX5-1-plus.
POE adaptor for MX5-1
POE adaptor for MX5-1

Add 2x2 DANTE capability to your MX5-1-plus

Add DANTE 2x2 capability to your MX5-1-plus. Not compatible with the MX5-1.  Requires an Ethernet Switch since both the MX5-1 and the DANTE unit have RJ45 Ethernet ports.

MX3-4, -8, -12, -16

The MX3-4 through MX3-16 are a family of 1U rack mountable ExXtractors. They enable the audio streaming from 4, 8, 12, or 16 sources in one convenient appliance.

MX3-4-plus, -8-plus, -12-plus, -16-plus

The MX3-n-plus are higher performance versions of the MX3-n that enable them to stream to 500 simultaneous users rather than the usual 150.