Audio Everywhere makes it possible for visitors to turn their smartphone into an Assistive Listening Device (ALD). Can complement, extend, or replace 20th century analog technologies such as Loop, RF, FM, or IR. No need to tear up the carpet. Use conventional Wi-Fi to distribute the sound to the user’s own device for a fraction of the cost of old-style systems.

Top Venues for Audio Everywhere

Audio Everywhere uses Wi-Fi and smartphones to provide great sound to your visitors at a fraction of the cost of old-style analog assistive listening systems, such as Loop, RF, or IR.

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Audio Everywhere is Easy!

1. Download the FREE App (iOS or Android)

2. Login to Venue Wi-Fi*

3. Select Audio Source to Hear

*Available only in venues with Audio Everywhere ExXtractors

Digital Technology = lower cost and easy to scale

Audio Everywhere is scalable and supports from one to dozens of sources. Hundreds of users can access the system simultaneously, and most of them carry their own smartphones, which further increases visitor satisfaction and lowers your costs. You reach a wider audience and create more opportunity for increased engagement.

Digital vs Old-Style Analog Assistive Listening Systems

Old versus new assistive listening systems

How it Works

Audio Everywhere works by sending the audio signals from a pre-amplifier or mixer digitally over standard Wi-Fi to Android or Apple smartphones and tablets. The low-cost ExXtractor replaces the old-style analog transmitters. With multiple Wi-Fi Access Points the system is scalable for virtually any venue.

Schematic of Audio Everywhere assistive listening system

In-App Marketing and Social Media

Because Audio Everywhere is built on digital networking technology, quality audio is only part of the value. The system supports multi-language broadcasts and also provides:

Welcome Ad or Video: the first thing participants see when opening the app. You set the number of seconds before your welcome image or video can be skipped.

Sliding banners: upload ads, promotions, or special event banners that can click through to your website, event schedule, activities, or other resources.

App screenshots with customized look and feel

Why Audio Everywhere ALD Solution?

  • Uses standard Wi-Fi and free smartphone apps
  • Easy installation uses existing infrastructure
  • Modular, expandable, and secure against eavesdropping
  • In-app marketing and social media
  • Supports multi-language broadcasts
  • Audio Everywhere was founded by a former MIT Professor and Audio Everywhere has been providing this technology to customers worldwide since 2012

–all at a fraction of the cost of old-style analog ALD systems!

MX3-1 Audio Everywhere ExXtractor

Old-style systems vs Wi-Fi Audio from Audio Everywhere

Components of an assistive listening system with Wi-Fi audio

If you have hesitated to comply with the 2012 ADA requirements because of cost, you have waited long enough. A better solution has arrived. The 21st century is here at Audio Everywhere and there is no need for you to continue risk taking. Call for a risk-free trial: +1 (408) 647-5481.

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