Introducing the Audio Everywhere system designed for Colleges, Universities, and other large enterprises. Audio Everywhere’s System helps educational institutions affordably meet 2012 ADA Assis­tive Listening regulations using their existing IT infrastructure. The system works by streaming audio over Wi-Fi to the students’ own Android or iOS phones. The app is free from the Google Play and Apple app stores. The system is also highly effective in helping ESL students comprehend English better in lecture halls with flutter echo or muddy acoustics and also for multilingual “United Nations” type events. Cloud managed and highly customizable with in-app functions that support welcome messages and videos, sliding banners, pdf documents, etc., this new technology dramatically lowers costs compared to old-style analog solutions and has the advantage that the students and visitors generally bring their own listening devices.

Screen shots of Audio Everywhere with Assistive Listening images
Audio Everywhere is Easy!

1. Download the FREE App (iOS or Android)

2. Login to Campus Wi-Fi

3. Select Audio Source to Hear

The system scales from the small classroom to the auditorium to the whole campus. Smart phones replace expensive specialized receivers. We have models that serve from one to dozens of audio sources.

Typical uses:

  • ADA compliance for hard-of-hearing students and visitors.
  • Stream audio from TVs in fitness centers and student unions.
  • Multilingual conference events.
Digital vs Old-Style Analog Assistive Listening Systems
Old versus new assistive listening systems
How it Works

Audio Everywhere systems are low latency; the delay is just a small fraction of a syllable. See the system specifications here.

The system is easy to set up. For our entry-level system, just con­nect one (stereo) or two (mono) line-level audio sources to the system using the cables and con­nectors provided. Typical audio sources are pre-amplifiers, soundboards, mixers, and TVs. Existing assistive listening systems can be ex­tended because they generally also have an output that can be tapped as an input to Audio Everywhere. We find that mixed systems are common, e.g., Inductive Loop + Audio Everywhere, FM + Audio Everywhere. Con­nect the Audio Everywhere sys­tem to the network, plug in the worldwide power supply and the system is up and running in 90 seconds. A typical installation takes fewer than 30 minutes and is easier to set up than a wireless home router.

Schematic of Audio Everywhere assistive listening system
In-App Marketing and Social Media
Because Audio Everywhere is built on digital networking technology, quality audio is only part of the value. The system supports multi-language broadcasts and also provides:

Welcome Image or Video: the first thing participants see when opening the app. You set the number of seconds before your welcome image or video can be skipped.

Sliding banners: upload announcements or special event banners that can click through to your website, event schedule, activities, or other resources.

App screenshots with customized look and feel
Why Audio Everywhere?

Audio Everywhere systems pro­vide a breakthrough in afforda­bility because they ride on mass-produced Wi-Fi and smart phone technology. Our entry-level sys­tem, which connects to an exist­ing Wi-Fi ac­cess point, is only $499. Contrast this to FM, IR, or Loop technolo­gies where an installation can cost 10 or more times as much plus you have to provide numerous receivers. We also have solutions for larger audiences.

The system

  • Uses but does not overload existing IT infrastructure.
  • Users bring their own devices.
  • Enterprise-capable. Does not rely on broadcast mechanisms such as mDNS, Bonjour, or SSDP. Spans multiple LANs in an enterprise.
  • Public IP addresses are not required, but if used, then the audio can be heard anywhere on the Internet.
  • QoS/ToS customization available.
  • Expandable and flexible.
  • Integrated social media.
  • Cloud managed.
  • Compatible with eduroam.
MX3-1 Audio Everywhere ExXtractor
Old-style systems vs Wi-Fi Audio from Audio Everywhere
Components of an assistive listening system with Wi-Fi audio

Because the systems are digital Wi-Fi based, they avoid issues of dead spots (IR) and program audio leakage (FM and Loop). You reach a wider audience and create more op­portunity for increased en­gage­ment. The system does not unduly stress the IT infrastructure, using only about 120 kbps per smart phone.

By focusing mass-produced 21st century digital technology on the Educational market, Audio Everywhere has created prod­ucts that are simultaneously bet­ter than the old-school competi­tors and hugely more affordable. From the cozy meeting room to the expansive audi­torium, Audio Everywhere products enable everyone to af­ford assistive listening systems of unparalleled clarity and flexi­bility. Audio Everywhere sys­tems are avail­able now, world­wide.

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Streaming audio over Wi-Fi for University and Enterprise As­sistive Listening is the new new thing for the hard-of-hearing, for ADA compliance, and for multilin­gual events. Let us help you make your campus more inviting, inclusive, and compliant.

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