Help congregants hear everything at services. Inexpensive and easy to setup in any facility. Extend or replace Loop systems without the need to rip up the carpet. Great for multilingual events.

Assistive Listening with Wi-Fi Audio by Audio Everywhere

MX3 and MX5 systems work by sending the audio signals digitally over standard Wi-Fi to Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. The low-cost MX ExXtractor replaces old-style analog transmitters. With support for multiple Wi-Fi access points, the system scales from the vestibule to the mega-church. Smart phones replace expensive specialized receivers.

MX3 systems come in many sizes depending on the number of inputs required. More than 30 inputs can be accommodated.

The MX3s and MX5s are low latency. We recently measured results of 45 ms on an iPhone 6S and 80 ms on a Samsung S6 Android. A syllable is about 200 to 250 ms.

With Audio Everywhere, you can make it possible for visitors to turn their mobile phone into an Assistive Listening Device. For congregants that don’t have a smart phone, we encourage the house of worship to take up a collection of old iPhones from members who have upgraded to the newest gadget. That way the house of worship can furnish receivers to the people who need them at essentially zero cost. (It is even a reason for young adults to engage with seniors.)

Audio Everywhere is honored to have won the 2016 new product award in the wireless microphone system category of Worship Facilities and Worship Tech Director for our MX3 product.

audio everywhere wins new product award


2016’s winning entries were chosen by way of independent voting courtesy of a panel of 13 individuals, each of whom currently works in a tech leader role at a church, along with Worship Tech Director site editor Andres Caamano. Products were individually judged on multiple criteria including innovation, functionality, cost-effectiveness, competitive advantages, benefits to the end user and benefits to the integrator.

Assistive Listening App images

Audio Everywhere is Easy!

1. Download the FREE App (iOS or Android)

2. Login to Venue Wi-Fi*

3. Select Audio Source to Hear

*Available only in venues with Audio Everywhere ExXtractors

The system is easy to set up. For our entry-level system, just connect one (stereo) or two (mono) line-level audio sources to the MX5-1 using the cables and connectors provided. Typical audio sources are pre-amplifiers, soundboards, mixers, and TVs. Then connect the Audio Everywhere MX3 or MX5 series ExXtractor to the Local Area Network (LAN) or wireless router with an Ethernet cable. Plug in the worldwide power supply and the system is up and running in 90 seconds.

Because Audio Everywhere uses mainstream digital technology, the systems are lower cost. The MX5-1, which supports either one stereo or two mono audio streams and connects to an existing Wi-Fi access point in the house of worship, has an MSRP of only $499. Hundreds of users can access the system simultaneously and most of them carry their own smart phone but note that the MX5-1 model requires that the venue provide their own router and Wi-Fi access point(s).  The MX product line is easily scalable to dozens of audio sources without spectrum issues. Contrast this to RF, IR, or Loop technologies where an installation can cost 10 or more times as much. Audio Everywhere systems provide a breakthrough in affordability because they ride on mass-produced Wi-Fi and smart phone technology. Because they are digital, they avoid issues of dead spots (IR) and program audio leakage (RF and loop). The MX5-1 can be used alone or to augment existing assistive listening systems that need to be expanded (without pulling up the carpet).

Digital Technology = lower cost and easy to scale

Audio Everywhere is scalable and supports from one to dozens of sources. Hundreds of users can access the system simultaneously, and most of them carry their own smartphones, which further increases visitor satisfaction and lowers your costs. You reach a wider audience and create more opportunity for increased engagement. Entry level systems are available for less than $500 that can handle the needs of most congregations.

Digital vs Old-Style Analog Assistive Listening Systems

Old vs New assistive listening

How it Works

Audio Everywhere works by sending the audio signals from a pre-amplifier or mixer digitally over standard Wi-Fi to Android or Apple smartphones and tablets. The low-cost ExXtractor replaces the old-style analog transmitters. With multiple Wi-Fi Access Points the system is scalable for virtually any venue.

Block diagram for Audio Everywhere assistive listening system

The MX system satisfies the 2012 ADA requirements (see Section 103 on Equivalent Facilitation) when used with the proscribed signage and receivers. For hard-of-hearing congregants, there are numerous ways to get from a smart phone to their assistive listening devices. For mild hearing loss, ear buds may be fine. Other people might have hearing aids that use T-coils, low power Bluetooth, etc. A neck loop, for instance, is a great way to connect to a T-coil equipped hearing aid. Bluetooth, or even just a small cable, are great ways to connect a hearing aid streamer to a smart phone.

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Sampling of House of Worship Customers, with some quotes

“I’ll be honest that I was a bit skeptical that it would work well and be a good solution. The reasonable price made it worth the risk. Our test on Sunday went phenomenally well. We are all blown away by how simple it was to setup and how well it works. We’re excited about the potential!” – Pastor Bryan Waggoner of Bethesda Baptist of Indiana

“I donated an Audio Everywhere Assistive Listening system to our Church. The installation was very easy, and it allowed us to clearly hear our Pastor’s message in the church foyer, and greeting areas, above the the many conversations that take place there. Very helpful for those times that we cannot get inside the sanctuary to listen to the message.” – Lennox Hoyte, M.D. of Revealing Truth Ministries in Tampa

“I just wanted you to know that our courier has arrived from the US with our Audio Everywhere system. I have it set up and tested and it works amazing! So easy to set up. Love your stellar customer service too. Do you guys ever sleep?” – Jason Prosser of New Life Fellowship in Cambodia

“We had been using 4 separate FM transmitters to provide translation in 4 different languages, and were constantly battling interference and poor reception. Audio Everywhere hardware allowed us to streamline these into a single box, operating on our network, removing the noise and inconsistencies of our FM system. The installation was easy, and the result is cleaner, clearer audio, with a simplified workflow that allows our translators to focus on translating, rather than technical issues.” – Martin Vaughan of Broadway Church in Vancouver

In-App Marketing and Social Media

Because Audio Everywhere is built on digital networking technology, quality audio is only part of the value. The system supports multi-language broadcasts. It also provides:

Welcome Ad or Video: the first thing participants see when opening the app. You set the number of seconds before your welcome image or video can be skipped.

Sliding promotional banners: upload ads, promotions, or special event banners that can click through to your website, event schedule, activities, or other resources.

Screen shots showing Audio Everywhere customization

Why the Audio Everywhere Assistive Listening Solution?

  • Uses standard Wi-Fi and free smartphone apps
  • Easy installation uses existing infrastructure
  • Modular, expandable, and secure against eavesdropping
  • In-app marketing and social media
  • Supports multi-language broadcasts
  • Audio Everywhere was founded by a former MIT Professor and Audio Everywhere has been providing this technology to customers worldwide since 2012

–all at a fraction of the cost of old-style analog ALD systems!

Audio Everywhere DX3 ExXtractor

Old-style systems vs Wi-Fi Audio from Audio Everywhere

Components of an Assistive Listening System

The MX5-1 is also excellent for bilingual congregations since two languages can be broadcast at once without interference or signal leakage, and without having to buy another transmitter.

There are numerous advantages to using Wi-Fi Audio from Audio Everywhere. The lip sync is excellent—the delay is a small fraction of a syllable. Fidelity is CD-like. Audio Everywhere has been working with this technology for over four years, so our systems are robust in all sorts of network environments. Because Wi-Fi is universal, it works around the world without spectrum issues. For systems that choose to connect to the Internet, the system uses negligible Internet bandwidth and does not interfere with Internet access.

By focusing mass-produced 21st century digital technology on the Worship market, Audio Everywhere has created products that are simultaneously better than the old-school competitors and hugely more affordable. From the cozy meeting room to the expansive sanctuary or auditorium, Audio Everywhere DX products enable everyone to afford ADA-compliant assistive listening systems of unparalleled clarity and flexibility. The MX3 and MX5 are available now, worldwide.

The 21st century is here at Audio Everywhere. Call for a risk-free trial: +1 (408) 647-5481.

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